Marketing Sales: Blow Out that Candle


The topic of my speech was Scentsy candles and I was trying to convince college students to choose this alternative to regular wick candles. I believe that one of my strengths of this speech was the demonstration. I brought not only a Scentsy candle, but a regular candle as well to compare the two. Another one of my strengths of this speech was relating it to the audience. I talked about how Scentsy can be a better way to de-stress during the finals time.

One of my weaknesses was leaving a few points out. I should have address the off brands of Scentsy that are appearing in local stores, like Walmart. I should have stressed why getting the Scentsy brand is better than the off brand.

Goals of the speech

To reinforce audience beliefs via the power of storytelling

To reinforce credibility traits of competence, character and composure
To apply audience techniques:  psychographic, demographic, and rhetorical

Purpose Statement

To explain the value of the Scentsy wickless candle

Linked Outline: Blow Out that Candle



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