Speech of Conviction: Sugar, Is it worth it?


The topic of my speech was about the dangers of diabetes, which is very close to mine and my family’s hearts. I believe a strength of my speech was having a clear focus. There are tons of different routes I could have taken under the umbrella of diabetes, and it would be easy to get side tracked. However, I believe I stayed on the right path. Also, I believe that my billboard slides were a very effective way of making the speech more personal. By showing my dad and my relationship to him, the message hit home a little more.

In the future, I would like to try to not rely as much on my note cards. I was a little nervous because this was the first speech so I found myself looking down a little more than I actually needed to.


  • To inspire audience to connect to the theme of the speech via the power of storytelling
  • To reinforce speaker credibility traits of competence, character and composure
  • To apply audience techniques:  psychographic, demographic, and rhetorical

Purpose Statement

To explain the dangers of diabetes if not managed properly by sharing some of my dad’s struggles.

Linked outline: Sugar, is it worth it?




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