Speech of explanation: Love outlives all


My speech of explanation was about three key stages of grief when a loved one died unexpectedly. I think I had a creative idea for this speech and went about the topic in a different way than most would. One of my strengths of this speech was the emotion I brought to it. It was a very personal subject so this was easy to do.

A weakness of my speech was that I should have incorporated more of the billboard slides into my speech. I should have created a new slide for each of the different stages ans elaborated further from a visual aspect.

 Goals of the Speech

To reinforce audience beliefs via the power of storytelling                                                      To reinforce credibility traits of competence, character and composure
To apply audience techniques:  psychographic, demographic, and rhetorical

 Purpose Statement

To explain key stages of grief which include shock, guilt, and anger.

Linked Outline: Love outlives all

 Billboard Slides



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